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Living the super 16mm cine dream…

I consider my self a child of the digital age of cinema, camera’s like the Canon Xl1 and Sony PD150 made it possible for me to film at a very high level for a relatively low rental fee when I first started shooting my own little projects, saying that my first professional paid job at 17 was as a camera trainee for the BBC working on a sunday night drama titled ‘Down To Earth’ which was shot on super 16mm cine film. While learning how to load and unload film mags I very quickly fell in love with not just the look of super 16mm on television or cinema but the feel of the film in my hands. Ever since then the idea of owning a super 16mm camera has been a big dream of mine, a dream that has just become reality largely thanks to my partner in film crime Benjamin Read (co-writer and producer of Warhouse and 500 Miles North).

The camera I chose to go for mainly because of it’s extremely low cost, the fact my directing idol Spike Lee used it to film parts of ‘Get On The Bus’ and my love for all things Russian was the Krasnogorsk-3 made in the former Soviet Union. The K-3 has been adopted by many film schools including the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema and Television.  Its low price, rugged construction and sophisticated optics have made it very popular with both beginning filmmakers and professionals. Among the K-3’s credits are music videos for the Spin Doctors and Suicidal Tendencies. For more information visit


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