Armistice (aka The Captive / Warhouse) Reviews


“80 tight minutes of suspense. Has the feeling of the original Saw… Gripping and compelling.”
– Fred Toppel of

“A much-needed psychological take on the genre.”
– Karen Benardello of

“…an unforgettable, emotion ridden psychological thriller that stays etched in your mind.”
– Wendy Shepherd of

“…sheer brilliance…”
-Matt Molgaard of

“…a great piece that echoes the horror of humanity.”

“A thought-provoking take on how war affects a man. The demons he faces keeping him captive for the monstrous things done.”
– Garry McConnachie of

“…filmed with a lot of thought and style.”
– Lucinda Holt of

“A cracking indie film which holds your attention and beautifully explores a human’s battle with perseverance, determination and never wanting to quit.”
– Lisa-Marie Burrows of

“…a truly rewarding experience.”
– Dave Wain of

“…if you like films that play with time and your mind, then Armistice (The Captive) may be worth your time.”
– Gloria Daniels-Moss of

“…a pleasant change from zombies and slashers.”
– Craig of

“Tight, suspenseful and with a class…”
– Guy Adams of

“At times understated and at others intense…”
– James Simpson of


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