Armistice (aka The Captive) releases on DVD in the UK on August 25

Armistice (aka The Captive) releases on DVD in the UK on August 25

Posted by on Aug 16, 2014 in News

A13fXC-A8rL._SL1500_610Armistice (starring Joseph Morgan and Matt Ryan) is being released in the UK under the title of “The Captive” onAugust 25, 2014. You can pre-order now from Amazon here.

Other UK outlets that are carrying the DVD are listed below:

The Hut

Armistice is already available in the U.S., Canada, and Germany. You’ll find outlets for DVD here and VOD here.

More countries will be announced soon.

Movie Synopsis:

Armistice is a gripping, brutal, psychological film with a supernatural edge that charts one man’s fight to preserve his humanity and sanity over years of terrible imprisonment.

Royal Marine A.J Budd (Joseph Morgan) awakes in a mysterious house and is forced to fight for his life everyday against grotesque inhuman opponents. Trapped alone in an unchanging prison of unbreakable routines, he must kill everyday or die himself. As days stretch into years, the isolation and unceasing violence threaten his very soul.

The only note of hope lies in the journals of a former prisoner of the house, WW1 officer Lieutenant Edward Sterling (Matt Ryan). Discovered behind a secret wall, Sterling’s diaries serve as a mentor to the young marine and help to keep him alive, but what dark fate befell their author?

The stories of these two men from different times interweave as their desperation to escape the endless killing leads them both into taking terrible measures.

Armistice was created by filmmakers Luke Massey and Benjamin Read.


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