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On this past January 7th, VOD services began showing a film from British Director Luke Massey entitled “Armistice” – aka “Warhouse” – it’s about a Royal British Marine (Joseph Morgan) who wakes up in a home with virtually no escape, and each day he is forced to battle to the death, a demonic entity that threatens his very existence, all the while contending with the crushing effects of isolation & desperation. I can’t begin to express the amount of excitement I felt after watching this movie, mainly due to the fact that this is SUCH a fresh take on an idea in the “stuck-in-the-mud” thought process of the creative aspect these days. Massey, who got his start at the age of 16 working for the BBC has surely dug in with both feet, and has quite the bright future ahead with the unleashing of this film. I had the pleasure of speaking with him yesterday regarding the creation and other aspects so enjoy !

KR – Where did the inspiration come for the film itself ?

LM – Between myself and Benjamin Read, we started a process of talking about it, and came across the idea of taking GROUNDHOG DAY, GLADIATOR, and CASTAWAY,
and making a film, because we like those films so much, due to the idea of isolation & repetition – the same thing happening every day – you can’t change it, so it’s like being in that state of a dream/nightmare, and the chaos that you’re in.

KR – I had read that you had spent some time earlier in your career working for the BBC, so I was wondering if you were presented with any challenges as far as jumping from working with them to a major project like this one ?

LM – Yeah, I started with them when I was 16, and they just really whip you into shape – it was kind of like a boot camp, they’re teaching you how to be 100 percent professional all the time, so I think I can definitely tell when I work with people who have been trained by whatever company, and that my being trained by the BBC was the best fit, because it just really, really helps you, but yeah it’s a massive difference, jumping from TV to the independents, it’s like different ends of the earth, in terms of comfort, mostly.

KR – So, is horror one of your favorite genres to work on ?

LM – Yeah, the first film that made a massive impact for me was THE EVIL DEAD, and I remember reading in books about it, thinking “okay, if someone made a film with no money, and it was on film, and that’s really expensive, then surely I can.” Another British film, THE WICKER MAN is one of my favorite films, which I find completely haunting, and ROSEMARY’S BABY – those kinds of horror movies, you know, psychological ? I mean I’m not really into, you guys call them “torture porn films” ? I find that the older I get, I find it harder to watch those movies full of non-stop violence – I used to like it when I was younger, but now I guess I’m a bit more squeamish.

KR – Yeah, some of these newer movies are a little tough to take.

LM – Like when you get to the SAW films, – when I saw the first, I thought “this is a genius film”, but when I got to the 4th one, I just said “I can’t go on watching.

KR – SO would you prefer to stay within the horror genre, or are you thinking about branching out ?

LM – Well, we already finished our second film, titled 500 MILES NORTH, which has virtually the same cast as ARMISTICE, and it’s kind of like LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE,
you know, a road-trip family movie, and then later this year I’ll be doing my third film which will be a horror film. So I think every OTHER film I do will be a horror film, because I find it hard to step away from the genre – I grew up watching horror films, and I like the “horror geek” audience & mentality, and I like the challenge of trying to do something different within the genre, because they’re are so many of the same things getting made, and that’s why I think we all (Myself, Benjamin Read, & Matt Ryan) see ARMISTICE as being something different, because we haven’t really seen anything like this in Britain, so I think we’ll try to do something like this with the 3rd film.

KR – Last question, if you could nail it down specifically, what is the ONE thing about ARMISTICE that terrifies you ?

LM – I think the thing that terrifies me the most is the isolation, the fact that you’re in a house for 4 years, and EVERY day you’re forced to kill this thing, and you’re humanity would just vanish in days, and you’re stuck with your own thoughts with no way out – isolation just scares the hell out of me.

KR – Well, I saw the film and I gotta tell you – I loved it..I think this will be huge – so thanks for your time, best of luck, and I can’t wait to see what you come out with next.

LM – Cheers !

All in all, a classy guy to speak with that genuinely shows love for the genre, with a rooted talent for scaring the crap out of the viewer – let’s look for more from Mr. Massey in the future, as I’m sure his name will be a presence in the industry for some time to come – if you have the chance, definitely check out ARMISTICE on VOD services – it’s worth it !

By Matt Boiselle. Originated at Killer Reviews here.


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