Frankly, my dear, I DO give a damn (about Zombies?)

Those lines which I re-edited in hope of a rye chuckle from the reader are famously said by Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind a movie that even though is one of my mothers favorite films of all time I have never actually seen myself. I have how ever seen The Legend Of Bagger Vance (it’s an enjoyable lighthearted romp which warms the heart in my opinion), Why am I talking about two film set in Atlanta Georgia? Well that’s because I’m heading Here! At the home of some of the greatest Americans how have ever lived like Rev. Martin Luther King JR, Spike Lee, Ray Charles and Ryan Seacrest?

This is my first trip to America since my Grandad took my brother and me on a road trip round California and Arizona (when is was in my early teens) visiting the landscapes and sets where his favorite westerns where shot as well as Back To The Future III. The experience went on to influence the idea of 500 Miles North.

I’m going to Atlanta on a work/social trip which involves working on a few different projects including doing the poster shoot for Warhouse with Joseph Morgan. Already I feel incredibly at home because I have my good friends Matt Ryan and Leon Davis here as well, both who where actors and producers on Warhouse and 500 Miles north it’s just a shame we are missing Ben Read and Mark Kendrick from the A team but we will see them in May for the bid adventure which is coming up

But for now… While I was on the plane flying to Atlanata this famous speech was going round in my head because of the excitement I was feeling of seeing my friends Joseph Morgan, Matt Ryan and Leon Davis again

APOLOGY! I have since found out since writing this post that The Legend Of Bagger Vance (or The Liar Of Bagger Vance as I will now call it) was filmed and set in Savannah Georgia. I would also like to point out I only called it a “an enjoyable lighthearted romp which warms the heart” as it’s the only film I could think of off the top of my head filmed in Atlanta Georgia and wanted to compare another film to Gone With The Wind (which i haven’t seen). The only other film or TV show I’ve seen set and made in Atlanta Georgia is The Walking Dead and you try comparing Gone With The Wind to that! Not easy is it? Wait a minute if I just changed the title…


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One response to “Frankly, my dear, I DO give a damn (about Zombies?)

  1. Jenya

    Love this post! Thanks for answering here a lot of questions we asked on twitter. I can tell you without exaggeration that I really can’t wait for Warhouse. I loved trailer and synopsis and I find myself interested in this film. So it’s gonna be released on May? I’m not sure if I got it right tho.
    Anyway I’m really glad you enjoy your trip in Atlanta and find an inspiration there.
    Do you already have any ideas for the next movie you will directing? I have crazy thoughts about bringing you in my town so you could work on one of your future projects here LOL I’m telling you, this place is great for movies!

    P.S. Your post inspired me to rewatch “Back To The Future III” for the thousand time! Thanks
    Have a good time in ATL!

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