Goodbye 2011 thanks for…

I’ve seen a couple of best of 2011 movie and TV posts doing the rounds and a few have thrown up some movies and TV shows I haven’t seen. I very much doubt this post will as I’ve gone for well known movies rather then the obscure because these are the movies I have genuinelly enjoyed and want to go back and visit time and time again. The list is no particular order but I did feel Midnight In Paris was by far the best film I’d seen this year while I watched season 4 of Breaking Bad in one day I found Boardwalk Empire and This Is England 88 equally brilliant!

Feel free to comment and share your favourites of 2011


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  1. Orsolya

    Midnight in paris & The artist are my absolute favorite films too. But i would also add to the list: Melancholia, Another Earth, Dream House, Fast Five, The Skin I Live In, maybe Drive too. ++ Retrace, The Turin Horse (the last two are hungarian movies)

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